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Somewhere in Denver

Nothing like Fall, you can feel it now, even with the cooler weather moving in.  This pic is from a family member who enjoyed a week in the wilderness.  Nice!
This shot was taken at the Jeffco Public Schools Outdoor Lab school located near Mt. Evans, close to Evergreen Colorado. It was a fantastic week of hiking, growing, and learning with our group of 6th grade students. Such a great experience for all!

Proposed National Sales Tax to Begin 2013 – How Does it Effect Real Estate?

3.8% National Real Estate Sales Tax to Pay for Obama Care

Just when you thought you couldn’t be taxed any more here comes another one.  Congress passed this in 2010 and it is complicated.  Below is a link from the National Association of Realtors on the ends and outs of the new tax.  Just so you know it does not effect all real estate.  Like I said it’s complicated.  Basically,  if your income is 200K for single or 250K for dual you’ll be considered a club member.  This tax is to pay for Obama Care in case you asked.  I don’t like surprises so pass the link on to help others if you like.  Hopefully, it will stay in the proposed category.  The link below provides information on the 3.8% proposed tax on investment income and real estate scenarios.

Tax brochure for business that helps pay for Obama Care

iPhone Nightmare You were waiting for this to happen….

Don’t Let Your iPhone Go Off in the Middle of the New York Philharmonic

Found this using the zite app on the iPad, great read and be glad it wasn’t you!

Texas Cities are Poised Best for Recovery by Forbes

Best Cities for Recovery….

Dallas Real Estate

7. Dallas – Ft.Worth – The metroplex

Out of Forbes top ten cities to recover from recession the quickest, 40% are Texas cites. Take a look at the list.  You can read thearticle here at Forbes.  Dallas is number 7.  if you live here you can understand why. It will be one of the last southwest cities to grow tremendously just like other sun belt cities in the past.  It truly is a good place to be right now.

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Fayetteville, Arkansas
  3. Boulder, Colorado
  4. Huntsville, Alabama
  5. San Antonio, Texas
  6. Mobile, Alabama
  7. Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
  8. Washington D.C./Arlington/Alexandria
  9. McAllen, Texas
  10. Seattle, Washington