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Dallas Arts District as viewed from Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park Video 

~ Rain, rain go away….come again another day.
I say that but knowing we’ve been in a drought past 5 years and no rain last 3 years, well, it scary…
I just want it to stop so we can deal with what we have.

Enjoy this video taken on sunnier days at Klyde Warren Park.
I can’t wait for summer.

Uptown Living – Condos Nearby Klyde Warren Park

Uptown Living Condos Nearby Klyde Warren Park

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Uptown Living

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Cole Street in Uptown Real Estate

Rare Find in Uptown

Yesterday, in Uptown, that’s where much of the revitalization or gentrification, (same thing, different generation) is happening in Dallas Real Estate,  I was taking photos of a new construction listing that will be coming on the market and this is the house next door.  It’s rare to find one of these gems so thought I’d snap a shot before it’s gone too. Prairie style architecture built in 1935 with all its southern charm still standing.

So… Your New Job is in Dallas?

Where to Start Your Home Search

So your new job is in The Big D, and you need to relocate and buy a home quickly, what are your options and what will “I get for the money?”

A good place to start your house hunt are zip codes.

Don’t know what they are?

Here is a quick run down of some Dallas zip codes to explore:

If you have been to Dallas or have family or friends that live here then you might have an idea on where you want to live. If you don’t have a clue this info could help.

I don’t know what you want to spend so here is an overview of what your get for your hard earned money.

Dallas has a wide range of price points and neighborhoods. Just like almost every urban area in the country, a re-birth is occurring and those areas close to town have seen greater appreciation than the rest of the metroplex.

The area inside the loop, south of LBJ, have seen the greatest growth, here is what your money will buy you:

If you are looking for a brand new, state of the art home 3000-4500+ sq ft. in North Dallas or Preston Hollow you will need to spend 700K to 1M plus, more in Preston Hollow because it is closer in. You will get a larger lot and matured live Oak Trees. Neighborhoods are from the 1950’s-1970’s.

There are still plenty of one story ranch homes some have been updated, some not, expect to pay 350K-600K+ for these depending on location.  You are about 5-10 minutes from town in these neighborhoods. Some good public schools, but near all private schools.

Dallas Zip codes to look at : 75229, 75230, 75220.

Directly north of downtown is uptown, this is where all the high rise condos projects are taking place, you will pay dearly to live here, 500K and up for around 2000 ft, give or take a few hundred sq ft.  Downtown proper you will find the same thing with lower price points like 200K and up, but location is questionable, meaning not too safe and areas are still trying decide what they are going to be.

Dallas Uptown Zip codes are: 75201, 75204.

Directly north of uptown is the coveted Park Cities they are actually their own townships, Highland Park and University Park, it is called “The Bubble.” (I will write another post on that one). It is actually the heart of Dallas and one of prettiest and most prestigious areas in Dallas.

You are 5 minutes from town and always exemplary schools, population is around 31,000. You will not get a large yard here and it is the most expensive address. Homes were built 1920’s,30’s, 40’s, and the new homes that are replacing these start at 1.3M and much much more. Here you will also find a excellent police dept. Just lot values are 500k and up.

Park Cities Zip codes: 75205, 75225.

Of course, there are more neighborhoods, but these communities are located in the platinum corridor with convenience to town and a commute that is easy.

You will find much better values north of LBJ with your work commute not more than 20-40 minutes and newer homes in Far North Dallas & Plano, built 1980’s and 1990’s and some new development. Prices 250K and up, excellent schools in Plano, (some of North Dallas neighborhoods go to Plano schools).

Zip codes to look at in North Dallas: 75240, 75254.

West Plano Zips: 75093,  75024 & 75025.

If you are looking for a great place to live and some real estate appreciation that still has quite a bit of room to go, Far North Dallas and Plano are it and the next ones to profit from. Here, You will find drill down searches of all these areas to review, if you want a look-see.

If you are relocating from the east or west coasts you will be pleasantly surprised of the value here, but don’t forget about property taxes, they are a big nut here and need to be considered.

This certainly is not everything but a good place to begin your Dallas home search.

10 Questions to Ask Your Condo Board


Before you buy in any one of the many Condo Projects in the Dallas area, (or anywhere else in the nation) you must consider these important questions to ask your condo board or REALTOR, especially if it is a new building that is not yet fully occupied.

A Condo Board is just like a Home Owners Association in a subdivision. Their purpose is to set standards for living in that particular community.  They will tell you what you can or can not do architecturally to your residence and usually a management company will run the show, for a fee of course. The fees can be very substantial in New Condo Buildings.

The Hook…by the developer… to get you to buy into the new condo is low condo fees upfront, then when the building becomes fully occupied the fees go way up, and it could be thousands of dollars. Of course, if many people live in the building the less it will impact you.

You need to consider what amenities your condo has to offer: Work-Out Facility, Spa, Concierge, Hotel Services, Maintenance, Valet, Pool, Common Maintenance, etc. etc.

So here are 10 Questions to Ask your Condo Board or Developer:

1.  What percentage of units is owner-occupied? What percentage it tenant-occupied? In general, The more owner-occupied units the better it is for resale.

2.  What covenants, bylaws, and restrictions govern the property? What grandfather clauses are in place? You may find dates for when you bought by a certain date that you can not rent out your unit.  Ask for a copy of the bylaws to see if you can live with them and have a lawyer review.

3.  How much does the association keep in reserve?  How is the money invested?

4.   Are association assessments keeping pace with the annual rate of inflation? Smart boards raise assessments a certain percentage each year to build reserves to fund future repairs. Compare the rate to others in the area, to see if it is reasonable.

5.  What does the assessment cover and what does it not? – common maintenance, recreational facilities, trash collection and if up north or west snow removal?

6.  What special assessments have been mandated in the past 5 years? How much was each owner responsible for? Some are necessary, but if there are a lot, that is a RED flag of the condition of building or boards fiscal policy.

7.   How much turnover occurs in the building?

8.  Is the project in litigation?  If the builders or homeowners are involved in a lawsuit, reserves can quickly disappear.

9.  Is the developer reputable? Is it a Quality project? Find out what other projects are in the works or completed, talk to other homeowners about their perceptions. Request an engineers report for developments that have been reconverted from other uses to see how roof, windows, bricks etc. are in good condition or need repair. (There are a lot of condo conversions, this is a type of investment strategy

10.   Are multiple associations involved in the property? In very large developments there could be umbrella associations which you could be buying into and may require a separate assessment.

This may sound like a lot but it is in your best interest to find these things out before you buy. Your agent can help provide you with all this information or have the network in place to get it.

Note: Dallas has many new projects with lots of glass and windows, be sure and ask how often they clean the windows, so you can see your view that you are paying dearly for…