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Preston Hollow Trees

Preston Hollow


Something you don’t see everyday…

The “Live Oak” is one serious tree. One reason people want to move to Preston Hollow is because of the larger lots and beautiful tree lined streets. The builder of this home definitely took advantage of this awesome tree and used the branches to frame the entry, quite effectively I might add. You don’t see this everyday and it makes this a memorable property and a nice place to call home.

Preston Hollow vs Park Cities

Preston Hollow vs Park Cities

What is the difference between living in Preston Hollow and living in the Park Cities?

Inquiring minds would like to know!

So here is brief run down of the pros and cons from a Realtor that has lived and works in these Tony neighborhoods. (I grew up here)

There are 3 huge differences between these two areas:

  1. Park Cities has an exemplary school system and always has, Preston Hollow is Dallas ISD but is located near all ivy league private schools.
  2. Park Cities has a population of around 33,000 total in a land mass that is 7 sq miles.  It’s a bit crowded especially with the TexasSUV’s.
  3. Preston Hollow is directly North of the Park Cities starting at Northwest highway and has huge lots and rolling terrain that is hard to find today.

The home appreciation in these neighborhoods has sky rocketed the past few years, Park Cities, which is Highland Park and University Park has hovered around 12-25% the last 4 years, Preston Hollow has had nice appreciation too, similar to Park Cites but depends on street and exact location.  The biggest difference is that Highland Park and University Park are there own townships and are not Dallas, so you have your own highly secure police and fire department and own government. Zip codes here are 75205 and 75225.

Preston Hollow is Dallas and you can vote in all Dallas elections to save the city! Dallas does need your vote! Both areas are close to downtown and shopping, hospitals, entertainment etc.  Park Cities was developed back in the 1920’s and 30’s and a gentrification has been going on for years.  Preston Hollow was developed more in the 1950’s etc. so the styles of homes are much different.  If you want land and space and want to pay for private schools, Preston Hollow is the way to go.

If you want exemplary schools including  home to SMU, then Park Cites should be your choice.  Either way you can’t go wrong it is just your personal preference.  There is a lot more to it then this but this is a good start if you are considering these areas. If you would like to know more insider scoop, I’m just an email away.

N. Dallas – “The Outer Suburb”

What is it like to live in North Dallas and Preston Hollow?

I was raised in North Dallas and this whole area is going through a gentrification. These neighborhoods were developed in the 1950’s just north of Northwest Highway and the Park  Cites. The neighborhoods border 635/LBJ to the north and are  bordered east and west by the Dallas Tollway and North Central  Expressway.

What makes this area so desirable is its closeness to town and  the large lots and trees. There is a wide mix of families, young and  retirement age that live here.  It is a great well rounded community. It is really an extension of the Park Cities lifestyle. Shopping and conveniences are the same.

What has drawn young families is the proximity to several  private schools, St. Mark’s, St. Alcuin Montessori, Hockaday (Melinda Gates Alumni) Jesuit, Ursuline and Episcopal. Although  this is Dallas Independent school system, some of these schools are  recognized in the district and have strong parental involvement.

Many of the smaller homes are being torn down in these areas,  they are typical one story ranch on large lots, typically 80×160.  This comes at a price, tear downs are about 400K for the lot and new  homes are $1-$2 million. There is a nice mix of traditional and contemporary new homes being built.

Preston Hollow is the neighborhood directly north of University Park and lots here can be as much as $700K with large live Oak trees that the new home can be built around. New homes are typically 4000-6000 sq. ft. Prices here are comparable to Park Cities, however  you do not get the exemplary school district, but you do get a bigger lot, there are always trade offs and the land is what always appreciates, not the dwelling. Click here to see Preston Hollow Listings.

North Dallas population is about 30,000, so you do get a small town neighborhood feel, open spaces and trees, many dog walkers and joggers. It is not a tight or closed in as the Park Cites, with a similar population  on much less land mass. Click here to see North Dallas Listings.

North Dallas neighborhoods are safe and many have neighborhood crime watch associations beside the Dallas police department. You  get a small town feeling that is close to town and the privacy that  you deserve and all within minutes of downtown Dallas.

All the listings are directly from our MLS and are very current, let us know  if your would like more info on these areas or subscribe to this blog for local community content that is updated frequently.