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Highland Park VillageTheater – A Cinema Treasure

A Classic Landmark

On my way down to an open house yesterday, I stopped by Highland Park Village to grab a bite of lunch.  The photo is of Highland Park Village Theater – a classic old theater with all its charm.

Here’s a bit of Dallas trivia that you might not know.

The Highland Park Village Theater opened in 1935. Highland Park Village is recognized as the first shopping center in America and the prototype for shopping centers across the country.

According to the Urban Land Institute, Highland Park Village was the first development built on a single lot surrounded by parking areas with stores facing away from access streets. It was the first luxury theater in Texas and cost a whopping $100,000 – a lot of money back then!

Architects were the renowned Foshee and Cheek of Dallas who were very much inspired by Beverly Hills.  Highland Park has many Spanish and Mediterranean influences and is the “Beverly Hills” of Dallas.