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Where to Find the Most Foreclosures in Texas

Trends in Texas Foreclosures


There was search done on this site “was there another point in history where the amount of foreclosed homes rate was similar to it was now in Dallas, Texas”.

So here is a google trend chart since 2005. Texas has always been a very good foreclosure market, usually in the top 10.  What we are seeing now is more homes at all price levels (yes, even in neighborhoods you would not expect).

Here’s a national trend chart to compare – Richardson comes in # 2 and Dallas # 7.

Almost every buyer will ask about foreclosures and there are some that don’t need too much work.  There is not one site that has all foreclosure listings – a title company is the best source to target local information.

However, don’t think these are easy deals to make, just as the market has changed the lenders and banks want their money too – The process is much slower, you should really have several choices and don’t be disappointed if they won’t take your low ball offer.  Keep trying….someone will.  Chart below is Top 10 Texas cities with foreclosures.
This is an In depth look at the Texas foreclosure market from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.


The truth is Texas has become a victim of the predatory lending practices that took the market by storm the past few years.  All of us will have to work through it and buyers who purchase now will be making some very wise investment decisions.

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