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Year End Real Estate Deals

Why it’s a Good Time to Buy Real Estate Near Years End?

Did you know this could be the most lucrative time to buy real estate?  I know many of you slow down for the holidays and decide to pick up the home search after January 1st. Right?

One thing I know from doing real estate, is this time of year you can buy some of the best rock bottom deals. Why?

Real Estate 101

It’s something to do with clean slate, start over, time to go on and most importantly, taxes. If the real estate has been a bad investment most sellers will dump by year end because sellers, bank, relocation companies, builders might want to get properties off their books for the new year.  Really, it’s true!

Corporations will relocate employees this time of year too.  Everyday new properties are coming on the market, price reductions are being taken and believe or not price increases happen too.  Deals fall out because a buyer changes their mind or financing could be an issue.  This time of year is a good time to stay in the market so you can take advantage of the fire sales.

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